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Association suisse des professionnels des arts du cirque

ProCirque was created in 2013 by circus professionals working in Switzerland to meet the needs of the growing Swiss circus scene.

Responding to the desire of the circus community to federate the various sectors of the circus (creation, technique, organization, etc.), the association quickly became a favored exchange platform by its members as well as a preferred interlocutor on issues of circus recognition in Switzerland.

Specifically, ProCirque has set itself the following missions:

  • bring together circus professionals and promote networking and exchanges;
  • advocate for a better recognition of circus in its diversity, with public authorities, institutions, and the press;
  • actively support its members to improve their creative conditions;
  • advocate for better production and creation conditions for Swiss circus works;
  • frequently travel across Switzerland and abroad to be active on the ground and maintain privileged relationships and contacts with today's cultural professionals.

ProCirque has members from all parts of Switzerland, operates in multiple languages, and is led by an active committee across the country. The association is a member of Suisseculture, the umbrella association of cultural organizations, as well as Circostrada, the international network for circus and street arts.


Swiss Street Arts Federation

Based in Neuchâtel, the Swiss Street Arts Federation (FARS) is a network bringing together artists and professional structures of street arts and public space.

At present, it has almost 120 members in 16 cantons in French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland and Italian-speaking Switzerland. The Federation defends, for its members, a common ethic and interests linked to the specificity of creation in the public space.

The goals pursued by the Federation are:

  • work for the national recognition of street arts and public space arts;
  • federate artists and structures of art in public space;
  • promote exchanges among its members;
  • develop and perpetuate the existence of street arts and arts in public space;
  • be the interlocutor for public authorities regarding the use of public space
  • open dialogue with all artistic and cultural actors at the municipal, cantonal, and federal levels;
  • represent Switzerland at the European Federation of Street Arts (IFAPS).

The flagship event of FARS, Rue Libre, is an international day of street arts and speech in public space. Organized each year in a different city, this day allows to have a presence, both to inform the public and the authorities. It also constitutes a privileged moment that fosters exchanges among its members.

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Kanton Zürich
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